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mardi 12 mars 2024

Modern Physics: The Scenic Route by Leo Bellantoni in pdf

 Modern Physics: The Scenic Route by Leo Bellantoni in pdf

this is the book Modern Physics: The Scenic Route in pdf written  by Leo Bellantoni, published by world scientific, 2022  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Modern Physics: The Scenic Route                                                                                      
Scriptwriter: by Leo Bellantoni

Year of printing:   world scientific, 2022

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 204 pages

File Size: 15,20 MB


Chapter 1: Symmetry

Chapter 2: Mathematical Symmetries and Newton

Chapter 3: A Symmetry That Is Not

Chapter 4: Groups

Chapter 5: Generators

Chapter 6: Noether’s Theorem

Chapter 7: The Quantum Mechanical Robert Frost

Chapter 8: The Central Procedure of Quantum Mechanics

Chapter 9: Your First Quantum Calculation

Chapter 10: Your First Quantum Experiment

Chapter 11: What Heisenberg Didn’t Know

Chapter 12: Gauge Invariance

Chapter 13: Where Do the Quanta Come From?

Chapter 14: The Quest for Meaning: Particles and Waves

Chapter 15: The Logos

Chapter 16: Mental Waves

Chapter 17: Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen

Chapter 18: About Spin

Chapter 19: Bell’s Theorem: Setting up the Equipment

Chapter 20: Bell’s Theorem: Taking the Data

Chapter 21: I Do Not Like It

Chapter 22: If You Do Not Know Who Minkowski Was, What are You Doing in His Space?

Chapter 23: Rotational Symmetries and Matrices

Chapter 24: The Sort-of Rotation

Chapter 25: 299,792,548 Meters per Second — and No More!

Chapter 26: Going Slower by Going Faster
Chapter 28: Momentum in Minkowski Space

Chapter 29: Why E Is In Fact mc2

Chapter 30: Antimatter

Chapter 31: Your First Nuclear Physics Theory: Protons and Neutrons

Chapter 32: Your First Nuclear Physics Theory: Symmetry

Chapter 33: SU(2): A Matrix Group

Chapter 34: Your First Nuclear Physics Theory: Pions

Chapter 35: Your First Particle Physics Theory: The Λ

Chapter 36: Your First Particle Physics Theory: Strange Mesons

Chapter 37: The Eightfold Way and Quarks

Chapter 38: Another Symmetry that Is Not

Chapter 39: γ, W, Z, and H

Chapter 40: Bra-Kets

Chapter 41: Two Fermions in a Pod

Chapter 42: The Back of the Book

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