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dimanche 3 mars 2024

Modern Physics by Raymond A. Serway in pdf

 Modern Physics by Raymond A. Serway in pdf

this is the book Modern Physics in pdf written  by Raymond A. Serway, published by Thomson Learning, 2005  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Modern Physics                                                                                       
Scriptwriter: by Raymond A. Serway

Year of printing:   Thomson Learning, 2005

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 682 pages

File Size: 9,84 MB


Chapter 1 in the previous editions, “Relativity,” has been extensively revised and divided into two chapters. The new Chapter 1, entitled “Relativity I,”
contains the history of relativity, new derivations of the Lorentz coordinate
and velocity transformations, and a new section on spacetime and causality.
• Chapter 2, entitled “Relativity II,” covers relativistic dynamics and energy
and includes new material on general relativity, gravitational radiation,
and the applications GPS (Global Positioning System) and LIGO (the
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory).
• Chapter 3 has been streamlined with a more concise treatment of the
Rayleigh-Jeans and Planck blackbody laws. Material necessary for a com-
plete derivation of these results has been placed on our Book Companion
Web Site.
• Chapter 5 contains a new section on the invention and principles of op-
eration of transmission and scanning electron microscopes.
Chapter 6, “Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension,” features a new

application on the principles of operation and utility of CCDs (Charge-
Coupled Devices).

• Chapter 8, “Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimensions,” includes a new
discussion on the production and spectroscopic study of anti-hydrogen, a
study which has important consequences for several fundamental physical
• Chapter 10 presents new material on the connection of wavefunction

symmetry to the Bose-Einstein condensation and the Pauli exclusion prin-
ciple, as well as describing potential applications of Bose-Einstein conden-

• Chapter 11 contains new material explaining Raman scattering, fluores-
cence, and phosphorescence, as well as giving applications of these

processes to pollution detection and biomedical research. This chapter
has also been streamlined with the discussion of overlap integrals being
moved to the Book Companion Web Site.
• Chapter 12 has been carefully revised for clarification and features new
material on semiconductor devices, in particular MOSFETs and chips. In
addition, the most important facts about superconductivity have been
summarized, updated, and included in Chapter 12. For those desiring
more material on superconductivity, the entire superconductivity chapter
from previous editions is available at the Book Companion Web Site
along with essays on the history of the laser and solar cells.

• Chapter 13 contains new material on MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imag-
ing) and an interesting history of the determination of the age of the

• Chapter 14 presents updated sections on fission reactor safety and waste
disposal, fusion reactor results, and applications of nuclear physics to
tracing, neutron activation analysis, radiation therapy, and other areas.
• Chapter 15 has been extensively rewritten in an attempt to convey the
thrust toward unification in particle physics. By way of achieving this goal,
new discussions of positrons, neutrino mass and oscillation, conservation

laws, and grand unified theories, including supersymmetry and string the-
ory, have been introduced.

• Chapter 16 is a new chapter devoted exclusively to the exciting topic ofthe origin and evolution of the universe. Topics covered include the dis-
covery of the expanding universe, primordial radiation, inflation, the fu-
ture evolution of the universe, dark matter, dark energy, and the acceler-
ating expansion of the universe. This cosmology chapter is available on our Book Companion Web Site.

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