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mardi 13 novembre 2018

textbook Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry in pdf

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (3rd Edition) 

This is the textbook of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (3th edition) Bryan Earl and Doug Wilford in pdf. published by Pearson Education  of professors of science faculties  universities.

Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 

Scriptwriter: Bryan Earl and Doug Wilford

Year of printing:by  Cambridge in 2014

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 16 chapters

Number of pages: 
312 pages

File Size: 16 ,4 MB


1. The particulate nature of matter
2. Elements, Compounds and Experimental techniques
3. Atomic structure and bonding
4. Stoichiometry
5. Electricity and chemistry
6. Chemical energetics
7. Chemical reactions
8. Acids, base and salts
9. The Periodic table
10. Metals
11. Air and Water
12. Sulfur
13. Inorganic carbon chemistry
14. Organic Chemistry 1
15. Organic Chemistry 2
16. Experimental Techniques 
Revision and exam-style questions The Periodic Table of elements

Download the book

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