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samedi 10 novembre 2018

book Chemistry – A Molecular Approach in pdf

book Chemistry – A Molecular Approach in pdf

This is the book of Chemistry – A Molecular Approach (4th edition) written by Nivaldo J. Tro in pdf. published by Pearson Education  of professors of science faculties  universities.
Information about the book
Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Chemistry – A Molecular Approach 

Scriptwriter: Nivaldo J. Tro 

Year of printing:by Pearson Education, Inc. in 2017.

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 26 chapters

Number of pages: 
1315 pages

File Size: 136  MB

  1. Matter, Measurement, and Problem Solving
  2. Atoms and Elements
  3. Molecules, Compounds, and Chemical Equations
  4. Chemical Quantities and Aqueous Reactions
  5. Gases
  6. Thermochemistry
  7. The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom
  8. Periodic Properties of the Elements
  9. Chemical Bonding I: The Lewis Model
  10. Chemical Bonding II: Molecular Shapes, Valence Bond Theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory
  11. Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
  12. Solids and Modern Materials
  13. Solutions
  14. Chemical Kinetics
  15. Chemical Equilibrium
  16. Acids and Bases
  17. Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium
  18. Free Energy and Thermodynamics
  19. Electrochemistry
  20. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
  21. Organic Chemistry
  22. Biochemistry
  23. Chemistry of the Nonmetals
  24. Metals and Metallurgy
  25. Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds
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