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samedi 10 décembre 2022

Polymer Composites and Polymer Testing in pdf

 Polymer Composites and Polymer Testing Hongkui Mao, Deepak Aggarwal, Lee Menghai, Liu Hongfei and Zhao Maotai in pdf

this is the book of Polymer Composites and Polymer Testing in pdf written  by Hongkui Mao, Deepak Aggarwal, Lee Menghai, Liu Hongfei and Zhao Maotai. published  2012 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Polymer Composites and Polymer Testing

Scriptwriter: by Hongkui Mao, Deepak Aggarwal, Lee Menghai, Liu Hongfei and Zhao Maotai

Year of printing: 2012

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 510 pages

File Size: 66,00MB


Chapter 1: Polymer Composites and Applied Materials
A Magnetic Array Fabricated by a Novel Process Constructed with Photosensitive
Polyimide-Ferrite Nanocomposite
Effect of Liquid Structural Transition on the Morphology of Solid/Liquid Interface during
the Unsteady-State Unidirectional Solidification
Effect of Particle Size of Natural Graphite on Methyl Blue Sorption Behavior of Expanded
Expansion Mechanism of Expandable Graphite Formed by Natural Graphite with Different
Particle Size
Finite Element Implementations to Predict the Failure of Composite Laminates Under
Uniaxial Tension
Improved Physical and Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Kinetics of the Mg20Ni10-XMx
(M=Cu, Co; X=0, 4) Alloys by Melt Spinning
Influence of Bi2O3 on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of Barium Ferrite Powders
Investigation about Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Various Structures Governed by
Temperature and Relevant Growth Mechanism
Investigation of Structure and Properties of PET Multifilament Irradiated with UV in
Different Atmosphere
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-6Al-0.3Mn-0.9Y Alloy
Microstructure and Wear Resisting Property of 40Cr Steel Treated by Supersonic Particles
Perfluoropolyether Modified Waterborne Shape Memory Polyurethaneurea Ionomers for
Potential Medical Implant Application
Photodecomposition of Methylene Blue by the S, Al Doped TiO2 Mesoporous Materials
Preparation Mechanism of Electrostatic Self-Assembled Polyelectrolyte Film Using Quartz
Crystal Microbalance
Self-Piercing Riveting Process Simulation of Joining Aluminium Alloy Sheets
Size Effect of Expandable Graphite
Size-Dependent Young's Modulus of the FCC Metallic Films
Structure and Properties of Composite Films of Cellulose and Chitosan from Ionic Liquid
Study of the Preparation and Degradable Characteristics of CaCO3-PE Film
Polymer Composites and Polymer Testing
Surface Properties of UHMWPE Fiber after Low Temperature Argon-Plasma Treatment
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel PCA-PEG-PCA Triblock Copolymer
Synthesis and Characterization of Polyesters Containing 5-Fluorouracil in the Main Chain
Synthesis of Poly(Urethane-Urea)s from Polycarbonate Macrodiols and IPDI with the
Addition of Derivant of Propylene Carbonate
The Effect of Fatty Acid on Phase Behaviors of Tween 80/bmimPF6/toluene Microemulsions
The Electrochemical Performance of Carboxymethyl Cellulose with Different DS as a
Binding Material in Lithium Batteries
Chapter 2: Applied Mechanics and Manufacturing Technology
Chapter 3: Other Related Topics

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