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mercredi 25 novembre 2020

book Reactions The Private Life of Atoms by Peter Atkins (Oxford) in pdf.

 book Reactions The Private Life of Atoms  by Peter Atkins in pdf.

this is the book of  Reactions The Private Life of Atoms in pdf written  by Peter Atkins published  by  Oxford University Press, 2013  of professors of  science faculties  universities U.K .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Reactions The Private Life of Atoms

Scriptwriter: by Peter Atkins

Year of printing: by Oxford University Press, 2013

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
28 chapters

Number of pages: 320 pages

File Size: 4,20MB


PART I:The basic tools

1: Matter falling out (Precipitation)
2: Protons in transit (Neutralization)
3: Burning in Air (Combustion)
4: Back to basics (Reduction)
5: Electrons in transit (Redox)
6: Forcing change electrically (Electrolysis)
7: Electricity from chemistry (Electrochemistry)
8: The death of metal (Corrosion)
9: Civil partnerships (Lewis acid-base reactions)
10: Changing partners (Complex substitution)
11: Marriage broking (Catalysis)
12: Divorce and reconciliation (Radical recombination)

PART II:Assembling the workshop

13: Stringing along (Radical polymerization)
14: Snapping together (Condensation polymerization)
15: Sniffing out nuclei (Nucleophilic substitution)
16: Sniffing out electrons (Electrophilic substitution)
17: Proton accelerators (Acid catalysis)
18: Basic instincts (Base catalysis)
19: Adding up (Addition)
20: Taking away (Elimination)
21: Carbon Footprints (The Wittig reaction)
22: Networking opportunities (The Friedel-Crafts reaction)

PART III: Making Light Work

23: Dark matter (photochromism)
24: Irritating atmospheres (photochemical smog)
25: Seeing the light (vision)
26: Green chemistry

PART IV: Building by Design

27: Food for thought (Enzyme control)
28: Grand designs (Synthesis)

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