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samedi 28 mars 2020

What is the hardest science branch In the world ?

What is the hardest science branch

Sciences as a whole are often called the hardest branch, but there is usually some debate among students as to which of the branch is actually the hardest. Although the courses may share a similar foundation to each other, there are typically a few key differences that affect the difficulty of each science branch.What is the hardest science branch?
A classification about the most difficult majors in the world. This study includes the preparation of a US university for 55 majors

  • 1th-chemical engineering (2th-In all disciplines)
  • 2th-chemistry (3th-In all disciplines)
  • 3th-electrical engineering (4th-In all disciplines)
  • 4th-physics (5th-In all disciplines)
  • 5th-mechanical engineering (6th-In all disciplines)
  • 6th-biochemistry (8th-In all disciplines)
  • 7th-medicine (9th-In all disciplines)
  • 8th-pharmacy (10th-In all disciplines)
  • 9th-math (13th-In all disciplines)
  • 10th-biology (14th-In all disciplines)
  • 11th-microbiology (19th-In all disciplines)
  • 12th-environmental science (23th-In all disciplines)
  • 13th-Hospitality (25th-In all disciplines)
  • 14th-Ecology (28th-In all disciplines)
  • 15th-animal science (31th-In all disciplines)
  • 16th-geology (50th-In all disciplines)

Talk about your specialty in the comments, thanks

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