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About Us

About the website

Hello everyone, you are welcome to science, The purpose of this website is to help students at the higher level of studies in Bachelors - Masters

this site contains courses, videos, Exercises and Corrected Examinations free books in PDF format in addition there are also Tests of Competitions for access to Masters

for all fields of physics, math, chemistry, biology, geology

we wish you good luck

: Training

Material Sciences, Physics and Chemistry (SMPC): S1 & S2-

        Physical Matter Sciences (SMP): S1 to S6-

        Material Sciences Chemistry (SMC): S1 to S6-

Life and Earth Sciences (SVTU): S1 & S2-

        Life Sciences (SVI): S1 to S6-

        Earth and Universe Sciences (STU): S1 to S6-

 Mathematical, Computer and Applied Sciences (SMAI): S1 & S2-

  Applied Mathematical Sciences (SMA): S1 to S6-

        Computer Science Mathematics (SMI): S1 to S6-

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