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dimanche 28 janvier 2024

Physics of Rotating Fluids by Christoph Egbers , Gerd Pfister in pdf

 Physics of Rotating Fluids by Christoph Egbers , Gerd Pfister in pdf

this is the book Physics of Rotating Fluids in pdf written  by Christoph Egbers , Gerd Pfister, published by springer, 2000  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Physics of Rotating Fluids

Scriptwriter: by Christoph Egbers , Gerd Pfister

Year of printing:   springer, 2000

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 440 pages

File Size: 20,99 MB


Pitchfork bifurcations in small aspect ratio Taylor-Couette flow

Taylor-Couette system with asymmetric boundary conditions

Bifurcation and structure of flow between counter-rotating cylinders

Spiral vortices and Taylor vortices in the annulus between counter-rotating cylinders

Stability of time-periodic flows in a Taylor-Couette geometry

Low-dimensional dynamics of axisymmetric modes in wavy Taylor vortex flow

Spatiotemporal intermittency in Taylor-Dean and Couette-Taylor systems

Axial effects in the Taylor—Couette problem: Spiral—Couette and Spiral—Poiseuille flows

Stability and experimental velocity field in Taylor—Couette flow with axial and radial flow

Transport phenomena in magnetic fluids in cylindrical geometry

Secondary bifurcations of stationary flows

Taylor vortices at different geometries

Spherical Couette flow
Isothermal spherical Couette flow

Vortical structures and velocity fluctuations of spiral and wavy vortices in the spherical Couette Flow

Spherical Couette flow with superimposed throughflow

Three-dimensional natural convection in a narrow spherical shell

Magnetohydrodynamic flows in spherical shells

Intermittency at onset of convection in a slowly rotating, self-gravitating spherical shell

Goertler vortices and curved surfaces

Control of secondary instability of the crossflow and Görtler-like vortices (Success and problems)

Higher order dynamics of baroclinic waves

Plane Couette flow
Superfluid Couette flow

Tertiary and quaternary solutions for plane Couette flow with thermal stratification

On the rotationally symmetric laminar flow of Newtonian fluids induced by rotating disks.

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