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jeudi 23 novembre 2023

Quantum Theory of Solids, Second Edition by Charles Kittel in pdf

 Quantum Theory of Solids, Second Edition by Charles Kittel in pdf

this is the book Quantum Theory of Solids, Second Edition in pdf written  by Charles Kittel , published by Wiley ,1991  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Quantum Theory of Solids, Second Edition

Scriptwriter: by Charles Kittel

Year of printing:   Wiley ,1991

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 523 pages

File Size: 19,10 MB


1. Mathematical Introduction
2. Acoustic Phonons
3. Plasmons, Optical Phonons, and Polarization Waves
4. Magnons
5. Fermion Fields and the Hartree-Fock Approximation
6. Many-Body Techniques and the Electron Gas
7. Polarons and the Electron-Phonon Interaction
8. Superconductivity
9. Bloch Functions-General Properties
10. Brillouin Zones and Crystal Symmetry
11. Dynamics of Electrons in a Magnetic Field: de Haas-van Alphen Effect and Cyclotron Resonance
12. Magnetoresistance
13. Calculation of Energy Bands and Fermi Surfaces
14. Semiconductor Crystals: I. Energy Bands, Cyclotron Resonance, and Impurity States
15. Semiconductor Crystals: II. Optical Absorption and Excitons,
16. Electrodynamics of Metals
17. Acoustic Attenuation in Metals
18. Theory of Alloys
19. Correlation Functions and Neutron Diffraction by Crystals
20. Recoilless Emission
21. Green's Functions-Application to Solid State Physics

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