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vendredi 25 août 2023

Quantum Physics for Beginners by Gary Carroll in pdf

 Quantum Physics for Beginners Discover the Most Mind-Blowing Quantum Physics Theories by Analyzing the Greatest Physics Experiments of All Time. A Real EyeOpener to Understand How Everything Works Gary Carroll in pdf

this is the book Quantum Physics for Beginners in pdf written  by Gary Carroll , published by Independently published ,2020  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Quantum Physics for Beginners

Scriptwriter: by Gary Carroll

Year of printing:   Independently published ,2020

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 107 pages

File Size: 1,90 MB


Chapter 1: What is Quantum Physics
Chapter 2: The Fundamental Blocks of our Universe
Chapter 3: Black Body Radiation (A Planckian Revolution)
Chapter 4: The Photoelectric Effect: Is Everything Quantized?
Chapter 5: The Franck-Hertz Experiment
Chapter 6: Atomic Model of Bohr
Chapter 7: Confirming The Quantum Theory Of Light:
Compton Effect
Chapter 8: The Wave-Particle Duality Dilemma
Chapter 9: The Double-Slit Experiment
Chapter 10: De Broglie Hypothesis
Chapter 11: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
Chapter 12: Introduction To Quantum Superposition:
Schrödinger’s Cat
Chapter 13: The Quantum Fields And How Empty Space
Doesn’t Exist
Chapter 14: Riding The Wave Function
Chapter 15: Quantum Tunneling Is the First Step Towards
Chapter 16: Welcome to Copenhagen: Solving The BohrEinstein Debate
Chapter 17: The Copenhagen Interpretation
Chapter 18: Many Interpretations of Quantum Physics
Chapter 19: The Epr Paradox
Chapter 20: The Revolutionary Discoveries in Quantum
Mechanics Of Bohr, De Broglie, Einstein, Heisenberg, And
Many Others
Chapter 21: The Strange and Fascinating Rules of the Law of
Chapter 22: Introduction to Symmetries and Conservation
Chapter 23: Basic Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 24: Applied Disciplines
Chapter 25: The Quantum Dimension
Chapter 26: About the Mathematics of Microcosm Behavior

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