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samedi 4 mars 2023

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by A. C. Phillips in pdf

 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by A. C. Phillips in pdf

this is the book Introduction to Quantum Mechanics in pdf written  by A. C. Phillips , published by wiley , 2004 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 

Scriptwriter: by A. C. Phillips .

Year of printing:   wiley , 2004

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 288 pages

File Size: 3,40 MB


1  Planck's Constant in Action.


De Broglie Waves.



2  The Schrödinger Equation.


Particle Wave Equations.

3  Position and Momentum.


Position Probabilities.

Momentum Probabilities.

A Particle in a Box I.

Expectation Values.

Quantum States.

4  Energy and Time.

The Hamiltonian Operator.

Normal Modes of a String.

States of Certain Energy.

A Particle in a Box II.

States of Uncertain Energy.

Time Dependence.

5  Square Wells and Barriers.

Bound and Unbound States.

Barrier Penetration.

6  The Harmonic Oscillator.

The Classical Oscillator.

The Quantum Oscillator.

Quantum States.

Diatomic Molecules.

Three-dimensional Oscillators.

The Oscillator Eigenvalue Problem.

7  Observables and Operators.

Essential Properties.

Position and Momentum.

Compatible Observables.


Constants in Motion.

8  Angular Momentum.

Angular Momentum Basics.

Magnetic Moments.

Orbital Angular Momentum.

9  The Hydrogen Atom.

Central Potentials.

Quantum Mechanics of the Hydrogen Atom.

Sizes and Shapes.

Radiative Transitions.

The Reduced Mass Effect.

Relativistic Effects.

The Coulomb Eigenvalue Problem.

10  Identical Problems.

Exchange Symmetry.

Physical Consequences.

Exchange Symmetry with Spin.

Bosons and Fermions.

11 Atoms.

Atomic Quantum States.

The Periodic Table.

What If?

Hints to selected problems.

Further reading.

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