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samedi 28 janvier 2023

Practical Quantum Mechanics: Modern Tools and Applications by Efstratios Manousakis in pdf

 Practical Quantum Mechanics: Modern Tools and Applications by Efstratios Manousakis in pdf

this is the book Practical Quantum Mechanics: Modern Tools and Applications in pdf written  by Efstratios Manousakis, published by Oxford University Press, 2016 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Practical Quantum Mechanics: Modern Tools and Applications

Scriptwriter: by Efstratios Manousakis

Year of printing:   Oxford University Press, 2016

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 348 pages

File Size: 3,58 MB


1 Schr ̈odinger equation on a lattice 
2 Dirac notation 
3 Back to the Schr ̈odinger equation on a lattice 
4 Operator mechanics 
5 Time evolution and wavepackets 
6 Simultaneous observables
7 Continuity equation and wavefunction properties 
8 Bound states in one dimension 
9 Scattering in one dimension 
10 Periodic potentials 
11 The harmonic oscillator 
12 WKB approximation 
13 Quantum mechanics and path integrals
14 Applications of path integrals 
15 Angular momentum 
16 Bound states in spherically symmetric potentials 
17 The hydrogen-like atom 
18 Angular momentum and spherical symmetry 
19 Scattering in three dimensions
20 Time-independent perturbation expansion 
21 Applications of perturbation theory 
22 Time-dependent Hamiltonian 
23 Spin angular momentum 
24 Adding angular momenta 
25 Identical particles 
26 Elementary atomic physics 
27 Molecules 
28 The elasticity field 
29 Quantization of the free electromagnetic field 
30 Interaction of radiation with charged particles 
31 Elementary relativistic quantum mechanics

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