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vendredi 6 janvier 2023

Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet 2nd Edición by Bobby Stanton , Lin Zhu , Charles Atwood in pdf

 Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet 2nd Edición by Bobby Stanton , Lin Zhu , Charles "Butch" Atwood in pdf

this is the book Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet 2nd Edición in pdf written  by Bobby Stanton , Lin Zhu , Charles Atwood. published by Brooks Cole , 2009 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Experiments in General Chemistry: Featuring MeasureNet 2nd Edición

Scriptwriter: by Bobby Stanton , Lin Zhu , Charles Atwood

Year of printing:   Brooks Cole , 2009

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 446 pages

File Size: 2,60 MB


1. Densities of Some Liquids and Solids.
2. Specific Heat of Substances.
3. Chromatography.
4. Determination of the Percent by Mass of the Components in a Mixture by Thermal Gravimetric Analysis.
5. Self Directed—Thermal Insulating Materials.
6. Reaction Stoichiometry.
7. Types of Chemical Reactions.
8. Identifying Metal Ions and Inorganic Compounds by their Chemical Interactions.
9. Gravimetric Analysis of a Chloride, Sulfate, or Carbonate Compound.
10. Emission Analysis of Aqueous Solutions of Group IA and IIA Metal Salts.
11. Determination of Chromium (VI) Concentrations via Absorption Spectroscopy.
12. Determination of the Concentration of Acetic Acid in Vinegar.
13. Solubility, Polarity, Electrolytes, and Nonelectrolytes.
14. Self-Directed—Determination of the Cause of a Fish-Kill in the Clark Fork of the Columbia River.
15. Self-Directed—Quality Control for the Athenium Baking Soda Company.
16. Gas Laws.
17. Colligative Properties.
18. Soaps and Detergents.
19. Heats of Chemical and Physical Processes.
20. Hess's Law.
21. Determination of the Heat of Neutralization of a Variety of Strong Acids and Bases.
22. Dystan Medical Supply Company—Cold Packs and Hot Packs.
23. Kinetics—Reaction Orders.
24. Chemical Equilibria.
25. Determining the Equilibrium Constant for a Reaction.
26. Determining Ka of an Acid by Titration and from pH.
27. pH and Buffer Solutions.
28. Self-Directed—Identifying an Unknown Weak Acid.
29. Quality Control for GlassEx Window Cleaner.
30. Determining the Iron Content in Cereal.
31. Analyzing the Chemical Content of Chromite.
32. Determining the Time Interval Between Doses of a Cardiac Drug.
33. What is in This Container?

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