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dimanche 8 janvier 2023

Astrophysics, Gravitation and Quantum Physics Vahram Mekhitarian in pdf

 Astrophysics, Gravitation and Quantum Physics Vahram Mekhitarian in pdf

this is the book Astrophysics, Gravitation and Quantum Physics in pdf written  by Vahram Mekhitarian. published by  Honour of Academician Edvard Chubaryan YSU 2012 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Astrophysics, Gravitation and Quantum Physics

Scriptwriter: by Vahram Mekhitarian.

Year of printing:   Honour of Academician Edvard Chubaryan YSU 2012

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 300 pages

File Size: 19,50 MB


Edvard Chubaryan
Gravity and Cosmology in Arbitrary Dimensionsand Fundamental Constants
Tensor-Scalar Theories of Gravity in the Context of Modern Cosmology
Modified CosmologicalMmodels in JBD Theory
Induced Self-Interactions in the Spacetimeof a Global Monopole with Ffinite Core
Quantum Vacuum in de Sitter Spacetime
Generation of a Toroidal Mmagnetic Field inRotating Neutron Stars Physical Peculiarities of UV Galaxies
Tornado Mechanism of Astrophysical JetsGeneration
Dependence of Galaxy Luminosity Function onthe Morphological Type and on Surrounding Medium
Formation and Evolution of Galaxies: TwoDifferent Approaches
Second Order Operatorson the Algebra of Densities and a Groupoid of Connections
QuantumSuperpositional Beam-Splitter for a Two-Bunch AtomInterferometer
Adiabatic Description ofRing-Like Nanostructures
Pulsed ”Three-Photon” Light
Work Extractionfrom Microcanonical Bath
Casimir-Polder Forces in the Geometry of Cosmic String
In Response to Edward Chubaryan’s BelovedHistory on the Abandoned Paper by S.Goudsmit and G.Uhlenbeck about the Spin

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