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samedi 11 juin 2022

Workbook for Organic Synthesis The Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition in pdf

 Workbook for Organic Synthesis The Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition in pdf

this is the book Workbook for Organic Synthesis The Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition in pdf written  by Stuart Warren; Paul Wyatt  published  2010  of professors of  science faculties  universities of usa  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Workbook for Organic Synthesis The Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition 

Scriptwriter: by Stuart Warren; Paul Wyatt

Year of printing:  2010

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 260 pages

File Size: 60,60MB


1. The Disconnection Approach 1

2. Basic Principles: Synthons and Reagents: Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds 5

3. Strategy I: The Order of Events 11

4. One-Group C–X Disconnections 15

5. Strategy II: Chemoselectivity 21

6. Two-Group C–X Disconnections 29

7. Strategy III: Reversal of Polarity, Cyclisations, Summary of Strategy 35

8. Amine Synthesis 41

9. Strategy IV: Protecting Groups 49

10. One-Group C–C Disconnections I: Alcohols 55

11. General Strategy A: Choosing a Disconnection 61

12. Strategy V: Stereoselectivity A 67

13. One-Group C–C Disconnections II: Carbonyl Compounds 75

14. Strategy VI: Regioselectivity 81

15. Alkene Synthesis 87

16. Strategy VII: Use of Acetylenes (Alkynes) 93

17. Two-Group C–C Disconnections I: Diels-Alder Reactions 99

18. Strategy VIII: Introduction to Carbonyl Condensations 105

19. Two-Group C–C Disconnections II: 1,3-Difunctionalised Compounds 111

20. Strategy IX: Control in Carbonyl Condensations 115

21. Two-Group C–C Disconnections III: 1,5-Difunctionalised Compounds Conjugate (Michael) Addition and Robinson Annelation 123

22. Strategy X: Aliphatic Nitro Compounds in Synthesis 129

23. Two-Group Disconnections IV: 1,2-Difunctionalised Compounds 133

24. Strategy XI: Radical Reactions in Synthesis 139

25. Two-Group Disconnections V: 1,4-Difunctionalised Compounds 147

26. Strategy XII: Reconnection 153

27. Two-Group C–C Disconnections VI: 1,6-diCarbonyl Compounds 159

28. General Strategy B: Strategy of Carbonyl Disconnections 165

29. Strategy XIII: Introduction to Ring Synthesis: Saturated Heterocycles 173

30. Three-Membered Rings 181

31. Strategy XIV: Rearrangements in Synthesis 189

32. Four-Membered Rings: Photochemistry in Synthesis 195

33. Strategy XV: The Use of Ketenes in Synthesis 201

34. Five-Membered Rings 207

35. Strategy XVI: Pericyclic Reactions in Synthesis: Special Methods for Five-Membered Rings 213

36. Six-Membered Rings 221

37. General Strategy C: Strategy of Ring Synthesis 227

38. Strategy XVII: Stereoselectivity B 235

39. Aromatic Heterocycles 245

40. General Strategy D: Advanced Strategy 255

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