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jeudi 2 juin 2022

Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach in pdf

 Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach in pdf

this is the book Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach in pdf written  by Michael B.Smith  published  2011  of professors of  science faculties  universities of usa  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Greene’s Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis 5th edition 

Scriptwriter: by Peter G. M. Wuts

Year of printing:  2011

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 1500 pages

File Size: 40,60MB


Why Is an Acid–Base Theme Important?


Alkanes, Isomers, and an Introduction to Nomenclature

Functional Groups


Acids, Bases, Nucleophiles, and Electrophiles

Chemical Reactions, Bond Energy, and Kinetics

Rotamers and Conformation

Acid–Base Reactions of π-Bonds: Addition Reactions

Nucleophiles: Lewis Base-Like Reactions at sp3 Carbon

Bases-Induced Elimination Reactions

Substitution and Elimination Reactions Can Compete

Spectroscopic Methods of Identification

Organic Molecules That Contain Alkali Metals or Transition Metals (Organometallics)

Carbonyl Compounds: Structure, Nomenclature, Reactivity


Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones


Carboxylic Acid Derivatives and Acyl Substitution

Aromatic Compounds and Benzene Derivatives

Enolate Anions: Acyl Addition and Acyl Substitution

Difunctional Molecules: Dienes and Conjugated Carbonyl Compounds

Difunctional Molecules: Pericyclic Reactions

Retrosynthesis and Synthesis

Heteroaromatic Compounds

Multifunctional Compounds: Amino Acids and Peptides

Multifunctional Compounds: Carbohydrates


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