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mardi 1 mars 2022

A Textbook of Organic Chemistry ,Revised Edition Arun Bahl in pdf

 A Textbook of Organic Chemistry ,Revised Edition Arun Bahl in pdf

this is the book A Textbook of Organic Chemistry ,Revised Edition in pdf written  by   Arun Bahl  published  by 
S Chand ,1976 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: A Textbook of Organic Chemistry ,Revised Edition

Scriptwriter: by Arun Bahl

Year of printing: by S Chand ,1976

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 914 pages

File Size: 27,60MB


1. Introduction 
2. Purifioation of Organic Compounds
3. Composition of Organic dompounds 
4. Empirical and Moleoular Formulae. Determinstion of
Molecular Weights
5. Structure of Organic molecules. Classical Concept 
6. Structure of Organic Molecules. Modern Concepts 
7. Isomerism 
8. Organic Reactions and Their Mechanisms 
9. Cla.ssification and Systematic Nomenclature 
10. Alkanes 
11 Alkenes 
12. Alkynes 
13. Halogen Derivatives 
14:. Organc-Meta Compounds
15. Aliphatic Alcohols 
16. Alipbatic Alcools
17. Thioalcohols Imd Thioethers
18. Ethers 
19. Aldehydes and Ketones
20. Caroxylic Acids 
21- Dicarboxylio Acids 
22. Substituted Acids
23. Acid Derivatives 
24. Esters 
25. Acetoacetic Ester and Malonic Ester 
26. Fats, Oils and Soaps,
27. Amines
28. Cyanogen Compounds
29. Derivatives of Carbonio Acid 
30. Aliphatic Diazo Compounds 
31. Cycloalka!les 
32. The Ureides 
33. Carbohydrates 
34. Proteins
35. Introductory
36. Benzene and its Homologues 
37. Isomerism and Orientation of Benzene Derivativs 
38. Aromatic Halogen 
39. Aromatio Sulphonic Acids 
40. Aromatic Nitro COmpolnds
41. Aromatic Amines
42. Diazonium Salts 
43. Aromatic Hydroy Derivatives
44. Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones 
45. Aromatic Carboxylic Acids 
46. Colour and Constitution 
47. Nophthalene and its Derivatits 
48. Anthracene and its Derivatives 
49. Heterocyclic Compounds· 
50. Heterocyclic 
51. Alkaloids 
52. Relted Compounds

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