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lundi 27 décembre 2021

Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies 2nd Edition by Arthur Winte in pdf

 Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies 2nd Edition by Arthur Winte in pdf

this is the book Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies 2nd Edition  in pdf written  by  Arthur Winte  published  by For Dummies ,2021 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies 2nd Edition

Scriptwriter: by Arthur Winte

Year of printing: by Dummies ,2021

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 400 pages

File Size: 13,60MB


Part 1: The Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 
CHAPTER 1: Working with Models and Molecules 
CHAPTER 2: Speaking Organic Chemistry: Drawing and Abbreviating Lewis Structures
CHAPTER 3: Drawing Resonance Structures 
CHAPTER 4: Working with Acids and Bases 
Part 2: The Bones of Organic Molecules: The Hydrocarbons
CHAPTER 5: Seeing Molecules in 3-D: Stereochemistry 
CHAPTER 6: The Skeletons of Organic Molecules: The Alkanes 
CHAPTER 7: Shaping Up with Bond Calisthenics and Conformation 
CHAPTER 8: Doubling Down: The Alkenes
CHAPTER 9: Tripling the Fun: Alkyne Reactions and Nomenclature 
Part 3: Functional Groups and Their Reactions
CHAPTER 10: The Leaving Group Boogie: Substitution and Elimination of Alkyl Halides 
CHAPTER 11: Not as Thunk as You Drink I Am: The Alcohols 
CHAPTER 12: Conjugated Dienes and the Diels-Alder Reaction 
CHAPTER 13: The Power of the Ring: Aromatic Compounds 
Part 4: Detective Work: Spectroscopy and Spectrometry 
CHAPTER 14: Breaking Up (Isn’t Hard to Do): Mass Spectrometry 
CHAPTER 15: Cool Vibrations: IR Spectroscopy
CHAPTER 16: Putting Molecules under the Magnet: NMR Spectroscopy 
Part 5: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 17: The Ten Commandments of Organic Chemistry
CHAPTER 18: Ten Tips for Acing Orgo Exams 
CHAPTER 19: Ten Cool Natural Products.

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