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mardi 28 septembre 2021

Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises John Kenkel in pdf

  Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises John Kenkel in pdf

this is the book Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises in pdf written  by  John Kenkel published  by CRC Press, 2011 of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Basic Chemistry Concepts and Exercises

Scriptwriter: by John Kenkel

Year of printing: by CRC Press, 2011

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 

Number of pages: 468 pages

File Size: 6,92MB


Properties and Structure of Matter
What Chemists Do
Properties and Change
Classification of Matter
Structure and Composition of Material Substances
A Quick Look Inside the Atom
The Number of Subatomic Particles
Homework Exercises
Significant Figures, the Metric System, and Dimensional Analysis
Reading a Measuring Device
Significant Figures
Dimensional Analysis
The Metric System
Homework Exercises
Names and Formulas of Compounds
Subclassifications of Elements
Formation of Ions
Formulas of Ionic Compounds
Naming Ionic Compounds
Other Metal Ions
Other Negative Ions
Binary Covalent Compounds
Identifying and Naming Acids
Bases and Salts
Homework Exercises
Atomic Structure
History of Theories and Experiments
The Modern Theory of Light
The Bohr Model
The Schrodinger Model
Orbital Diagrams
Electron Configuration
Homework Exercises
The Periodic Table
Mendeleev and Meyer
Descriptive Chemistry of Selected Elements
Periodicity and Trends: Atomic Size, Ionization Energy, and Electron Affinity
Homework Exercises
Molecular Structure
Chemical Bonding
Outermost Electrons
Simple Ionic Compounds
Simple Covalent Compounds: Slot Filling
More Complicated Covalent Compounds
Coordinate Covalent Bonds
More Complicated Ionic Compounds
Structure of Ionic Compounds
Polar Bonds and Molecules
Valence-Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion Theory
Molecular Orbitals
Homework Exercises
Atomic Weight, Formula Weight, and Moles
Atomic Weight Revisited
Molecular Weight and Formula Weight
The Mole
Percent Composition of Compounds
Derivation of Empirical Formulas
Homework Exercises
Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
Introduction to Chemical Equations
Balancing Chemical Equations
Optional Symbols
Calculations Based on Equations
Limiting Reactant
Theoretical Yield, Actual Yield, and Percent Yield
Homework Exercises
Gases and the Gas Laws
Properties of Gases
The Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases
Gas Pressure
Boyle’s Law
Charles’ Law
Combined Gas Law
Standard Temperature and Pressure
Correction of a Gas Volume to STP
The Ideal Gas Law
Avogadro’s Law
Dalton’s Law
Vapor Pressure
Homework Exercises
Expressing Concentration
Preparing Solutions
More Terminology
Increasing Dissolution Rate
Mechanism of Dissolving
Homework Exercises
Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Equilibrium
Important Examples of Chemical Equilibrium
The Equilibrium Constant
The Position of the Equilibrium
The Magnitude of the Equilibrium Constant
Le Chatelier’s Principle
Effect of Concentration Change
Effect of Temperature Change
Effect of Pressure Change
Effect of Catalysts
Homework Exercises
Acids, Bases, and pH
Formulas and Strengths of Acids and Bases
General Properties of Acids and Bases
Acidity Level: pH
Measurement of pH
Theories of Acids and Bases
Reactions Involving Acids and Bases
"Add Acid to Water" Rule
Homework Exercises
Oxidation–Reduction Reactions
Oxidation–Reduction Reactions
The Ion-Electron Method for Balancing Equations
Homework Exercises
Organic Chemicals
The Chemistry of Carbon and its Compounds
Hybridization of Orbitals
Geometry Around Bonded Carbon Atoms
Physical Properties
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Summaries of Hydrocarbon and Oxygen Classifications
Homework Exercises

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