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jeudi 7 janvier 2021

book Principles of Instrumental Analysis 7th edition in pdf

 Principles of Instrumental Analysis 7th edition

this is the book of Principles of Instrumental Analysis 
7th edition in pdf written  by  Douglas A. Skoog , F. James Holler , Stanley R. Crouch
 published  by  Cengage Learning, 2018  of professors of  science faculties  universities  .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Principles of Instrumental Analysis  7th edition

Scriptwriter: by Douglas A. Skoog , F. James Holler , Stanley R. Crouch.

Year of printing: by Cengage Learning, 2018 

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
34 chapters

Number of pages: 992 pages

File Size: 41,00MB


Section one: Measurement Basics

1. Introduction.
2. Electrical Components and Circuits.
3. Operational Amplifiers in Chemical Instrumentation.
4. Digital Electronics and Computers.
5. Signals and Noise.
Instrumental Analysis in Action: The Electronic Analytical Laboratory.

Section two: Atomic Spectroscopy

6. An Introduction to Spectrometric Methods.
7. Components of Optical Instruments.
8. An Introduction to Optical Atomic Spectrometry.
9. Atomic Absorption and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry.
10. Atomic Emission Spectrometry.
11. Atomic Mass Spectrometry.
12. Atomic X-Ray Spectrometry.
Instrumental Analysis in Action: Monitoring Mercury.

Section three: Molecular Spectroscopy

13. An Introduction to Ultraviolet-Visible Molecular Absorption Spectrometry.
14. Applications of Ultraviolet-Visible Molecular Absorption Spectrometry.
15. Molecular Luminescence Spectrometry.
16. An Introduction to Infrared Spectrometry.
17. Applications of Infrared Spectrometry.
18. Raman Spectroscopy.
19. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
20. Molecular Mass Spectrometry.
21. Surface Characterization by Spectroscopy and Microscopy.
Instrumental Analysis in Action: Assessing the Authenticity of the Vinland Map: Surface Analysis in the Service of History, Art, and Forensics.

Section four: Electroanalytical Chemistry

22. An Introduction to Electroanalytical Chemistry.
23. Potentiometry.
24. Coulometry.
25. Voltammetry.
Instrumental Analysis in Action: Measuring the Parts to Understand the Whole: The Microphysiometer.

Section five: Separation Methods

26. An Introduction to Chromatographic Separations.
27. Gas Chromatography.
28. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.
29. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction.
30. Capillary Electrophoresis, Electrochromatography, and Field-Flow Fractionation.
Instrumental Analysis in Action: The Bisphenol A Controversy.

Section six: Miscellaneous Methods

31. Thermal Methods.
32. Radiochemical Methods.
33. Automated Methods of Analysis.
34. Particle Size Determination.

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