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mercredi 23 décembre 2020

book Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd edition in pdf

 book Complete Chemistry for Cambridge and oxford IGCSE 2nd edition in pdf

this is the book of Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd edition in pdf written  by  Rose Marie Gallagher and Paul Ingram published  by  Oxford University Press in 2011  of professors of  science faculties  universities.
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title:  Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd edition

Scriptwriter:  by  Rose Marie Gallagher and Paul Ingram

Year of printing: by Oxford University Press in 2011

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
19 chapters 

Number of pages: 322 pages

File Size: 34.8 MB


Chapter 1. States of matter

Chapter 2. Separating substances

Chapter 3. Atoms and elements

Chapter 4. Atoms combining

Chapter 5. Reacting masses, and chemical equations

Chapter 6. Using moles

Chapter 7. Redox reactions

Chapter 8. Electricity and chemical change

Chapter 9. Energy changes, and reversible reactions

Chapter 10. The speed of a reaction

Chapter 11. Acids and bases

Chapter 12. The Periodic Table

Chapter 13. The behaviour of metals

Chapter 14. Making use of metals

Chapter 15. Air and water

Chapter 16. Some non-metals and their compounds

Chapter 17. Organic chemistry

Chapter 18. Polymers

Chapter 19. In the lab

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