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jeudi 5 novembre 2020

Book Named Organic Reactions 2nd Edition in pdf

 Book Named Organic Reactions 2nd Edition in pdf

this is the book of  Named Organic Reactions 2nd Edition  in pdf written  by Thomas Laue and Andreas Plagens
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany published  by
 John Wiley & Sons Ltd,  2005 
 of professors of  science faculties  universities Germany.
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Named Organic Reactions 2nd Edition

Scriptwriter: by Thomas Laue and Andreas Plagens

Year of printing: by John Wiley & Sons Ltd,2005

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
24 chapters

Number of pages: 317 pages

File Size: 9,78MB


Introduction to the 2nd Edition.

Acyloin Ester Condensation.

Aldol Reaction.

Alkene Metathesis.

Arbuzov Reaction.

Arndt–Eistert Synthesis.

Baeyer–Villiger Oxidation.

Bamford–Stevens Reaction.

Barton Reaction.

Baylis–Hillman Reaction.

Beckmann Rearrangement.

Benzidine Rearrangement.

Benzilic Acid Rearrangement.

Benzoin Condensation.

Bergman Cyclization.

Birch Reduction.

Blanc Reaction.

Bucherer Reaction.

Cannizzaro Reaction.

Chugaev Reaction.

Claisen Ester Condensation.

Claisen Rearrangement.

Clemmensen Reduction.

Cope Elimination Reaction.

Cope Rearrangement.

Corey–Winter Fragmentation.

Curtius Reaction.

1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition.

[2+2 ] Cycloaddition.

Darzens Glycidic Ester Condensation.

Del´epine Reaction.

Diazo Coupling.


Diels–Alder Reaction.

Di-pp-Methane Rearrangement.

Do¨tz Reaction.

Elbs Reaction.

Ene Reaction.

Ester Pyrolysis.

Favorskii Rearrangement.

Finkelstein Reaction.

Fischer Indole Synthesis.

Friedel–Crafts Acylation.

Friedel–Crafts Alkylation.

Friedl¨ander Quinoline Synthesis.

Fries Rearrangement.

Gabriel Synthesis.

Gattermann Synthesis.

Glaser Coupling Reaction.

Glycol Cleavage.

Gomberg–Bachmann Reaction.

Grignard Reaction.

Haloform Reaction.

Hantzsch Pyridine Synthesis.

Heck Reaction.

Hell–Volhard–Zelinskii Reaction.

Hofmann Elimination Reaction.

Hofmann Rearrangement.

Hunsdiecker Reaction.


Japp-Klingemann Reaction.

Knoevenagel Reaction.

Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis.

Kolbe Electrolytic Synthesis.

Kolbe Synthesis of Nitriles.

Kolbe–Schmitt Reaction.

Leuckart–Wallach Reaction.

Lossen Reaction.

Malonic Ester Synthesis.

Mannich Reaction.

McMurry Reaction.

Meerwein–Ponndorf–Verley Reduction.

Michael Reaction.

Mitsunobu Reaction.

Nazarov Cyclization.

Neber Rearrangement.

Nef Reaction.

Norrish Type I Reaction.

Norrish Type II Reaction.


Paterno–B¨uchi Reaction.

Pauson–Khand Reaction.

Perkin Reaction.

Peterson Olefination.

Pinacol Rearrangement.

Prilezhaev Reaction.

Prins Reaction.

Ramberg–B¨acklund Reaction.

Reformatsky Reaction.

Reimer–Tiemann Reaction.

Robinson Annulation.

Rosenmund Reduction.

Sakurai Reaction.

Sandmeyer Reaction.

Schiemann Reaction.

Schmidt Reaction.

Sharpless Epoxidation.

Simmons–Smith Reaction.

Skraup Quinoline Synthesis.

Stevens Rearrangement.

Stille Coupling Reaction.

Stork Enamine Reaction.

Strecker Synthesis.

Suzuki Reaction.

Swern Oxidation.

Tiffeneau–Demjanov Reaction.

Vilsmeier Reaction.

Vinylcyclopropane Rearrangement.

Wagner–Meerwein Rearrangement.

Weiss Reaction.

Willgerodt Reaction.

Williamson Ether Synthesis.

Wittig Reaction.

Wittig Rearrangement.

Wohl–Ziegler Bromination.

Wolff Rearrangement.

Wolff–Kishner Reduction.

Wurtz Reaction.

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