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vendredi 20 novembre 2020

book Inorganic Chemistry for Dummies by Michael Matson and Alvin W. Orbaek in pdf

 book  Inorganic Chemistry for Dummies written by Michael Matson and Alvin W. Orbaek in pdf

this is the book of   Inorganic Chemistry  1st edition  in pdf written  by Michael Matson and Alvin W. Orbaek published  by  Dummies,  2013  of professors of  science faculties  universities U.K .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Inorganic Chemistry  1st edition

Scriptwriter: by Michael Matson and Alvin W. Orbaek

Year of printing: by Dummies,  2013

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
23 chapters

Number of pages: 387 pages

File Size: 14,8MB

Part I: Reviewing Some General Chemistry
Chapter 1: Introducing Inorganic Chemistry
Chapter 2: Following the Leader: Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends
Chapter 3: The United States of Oxidation
Chapter 4: Gone Fission: Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 5: The ABCs: Acid-Base Chemistry
Part II: Rules of Attraction: Chemical Bonding
Chapter 6: No Mr. Bond, I Expect You to π: Covalent Bonding
Chapter 7: Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory
Chapter 8: Ionic and Metallic Bonding
Chapter 9: Clinging to Complex Ions: Coordination Complexes
Part III: It’s Elemental: Dining at the Periodic Table
Chapter 10: What the H? Hydrogen!
Chapter 11: Earning Your Salt: The Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
Chapter 12: The Main Groups
Chapter 13: Bridging Two Sides of the Periodic Table: The Transition Metals
Chapter 14: Finding What Lies Beneath: The Lanthanides and Actinides
Part IV: Special Topics
Chapter 15: Not Quite Organic, Not Quite Inorganic: Organometallics
Chapter 16: Accelerating Change: Catalysts
Chapter 17: Bioinorganic Chemistry: Finding Metals in Living Systems
Chapter 18: Living in a Materials World: Solid-State Chemistry
Chapter 19: Nanotechnology
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Nobels
Chapter 21: Tools of the Trade: Ten Instrumental Techniques
Chapter 22: Ten Experiments
Chapter 23: Ten Inorganic Household Products

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