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jeudi 16 juillet 2020

book Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 2nd Edition in pdf

book Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 2nd Edition in pdf

this is the book of Cambridge International AS and A Level
2nd Edition   in pdf written  by Crundell, Goodwin, Mee published  by Hodder Education London, United Kingdom in 2014  of professors of  science faculties  universities.
Information about the book

The Student’s CD-ROM features:
– interactive tests
– topic summaries
– key terms
– additional questions
– a revision checklist for each topic

– information and advice in revision planning

Language of the book: English language

Book Title: Cambridge International AS and A
Level 2nd Edition  

Scriptwriter: by Mike Crundell ,  Geoff Goodwin ,  Chris Mee ,  Wendy Brown ,  Brian Arnold

Year of printing: by Hodder Education London, United
Kingdom in 2014

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
26 chapters

Number of pages: 416 pages

File Size: 127MB
Topic 1
1.1 Physical quantities
1.2 SI quantities and base units
1.3 Scalars and vectors 
Topic 2 Measurement techniques
2.1 Measurements
2.2 Errors and uncertainties  
Topic 3 Kinematics
3.1 Speed, displacement, velocity and acceleration 
Topic 4 Dynamics
4.1 Relationships involving force and mass
4.2 Weight
4.3 The principle of conservation of momentum
Topic 5 Forces, density and pressure
5.1 Types of force
5.2 Moment of a force
5.3 Equilibrium of forces5.4 Density and pressure
Topic 6 Work, energy, power
6.2 Work
6.1 Energy
6.3 Kinetic energy
6.4 Power
Topic 7 Motion in a circle.
 7.1 Radian measure and angular displacement
7.2 Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
Topic 8 Gravitational fields
8.1 Gravitational field
8.2 & 8.3 Gravitational field strength
8.4 Gravitational potential and gravitational potential energy
Topic 9 Deformation of solids
9.1 & 9.2 Force and deformation
Topic 10 Ideal gases
10.1 & 10.3 Equation of state of an ideal gas
10.2 A microscopic model of a gas
 Topic 11 Temperature
11.1 Temperature
11.2 Temperature scales
11.3 Thermometers
 Topic 12 Thermal properties of materials
12.1 Solids, liquids and gases, and thermal (heat) energy
12.2 Internal energy
Topic 13 Oscillations
13.1 Oscillations
13.2 Energy changes in simple harmonic motion
13.3 Free and damped oscillations
Topic 14 Waves
14.1 Wave motion
14.2 Graphical representation of waves
14.3 The determination of the frequency of sound using a calibrated c.r.o
14.4 Doppler effect
14.5 The electromagnetic spectrum
Topic 15 Superposition
15.3 Interference
15.1 Stationary waves
14.3 Measuring the speed of sound using stationary waves
15.2 & 15.4 Diffraction
Topic 16 Communication
16.1 Communication channels
16.2 Modulation
16.3 Analogue and digital signals
16.4 Relative merits of channels of communication
 16.5 Signal attenuation
 Topic 17 Electric fields
17.3 Point charges
 17.4 Electric field strength due to a point charge
17.5 Electric potential energy and electric potential
Topic 18 Capacitance
 18.1 Capacitors and capacitance
18.2 Energy stored in a capacitor
Topics 19 & 20 Electronic sensors
19.4 Sensing devices
 20.3 The use of potential dividers
Topic 21 Electronics
 21.1 The ideal operational amplifier
Topic 22 Electric fields
22.1 Electric forces and fields
22.2 Electric field strength
Topic 23 Current of electricity
23.1 Charge and current
23.2 Potential difference
23.3 Resistance
Topic 24 D.C. circuits
24.1 Electrical circuits
24.2 Kirchhoff's first and second laws
24.3 Potential dividers and potentiometers
Topic 25 Particle physics
25.1 Atomic structure and radioactivity
25.2 Fundamental particles; A Level
Topic 26 Communication
26.1 Communication channels
26.2 Modulation
26.3 Analogue and digital signals
26.4 Relative merits of channels of communication
26.5 Signal attenuation
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