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mercredi 27 mai 2020

Comprehensive Chemistry Jee Advanced K.L Kapoor (2019) in pdf

Comprehensive Chemistry Jee Advanced K.L Kapoor (2019) in pdf

this is the book of JEE Advanced Comprehensive Chemistry in pdf written  by  K.L Kapoor published  by  McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited in 2018  of professors of  science faculties  universities (Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry) .
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title:  JEE Advanced Comprehensive Chemistry

Scriptwriter:  by K.L Kapoor

Year of printing: by McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited in 2018

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
34 chapters and 3 Part

Number of pages: 1319 pages

File Size: 30.7 MB



1. The Concept of Atoms and Molecules 
2. Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States 
3. Atomic Structure 
4. Periodicity of Properties of Elements 
5. Bonding and Molecular Structure 
6. Energetics 
7. Chemical Equilibria 
8. Electrochemistry 
9. Solutions 
10. Chemical Kinetics 
11. Surface Chemistry 
12. Nuclear Chemistry 


13. Non-Metals 
14. Compounds of Metals 
15. Compounds of Nonmetals 
16. Transition Elements 
17. Ores/Minerals and Extractive Metallurgy 
18. Exercises in Inorganic Chemistry 


19. Hybridization, Isomerism and Nomenclature 
20. Inductive and Resonance Effects 
21. Alkanes 
22. Alkenes 
23. Alkynes 
24. Benzene 
25. Alkyl and Aryl Halides 
26. Alcohols and Ethers 
27. Aldehydes and Ketones 
28. Carboxylic Acids 
29. Phenols 
30. Amines 
31. Carbohydrates 
32. Amino Acids and Peptides 
33. Polymers 
34. Exercises in Organic Chemistry

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