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jeudi 19 septembre 2019

Book Inorganic Chemistry, fourth edition Catherine Housecroft in pdf

Book Inorganic Chemistry, fourth edition Catherine Housecroft in pdf

this is the book of Inorganic Chemistry, fourth edition  in pdf written by Catherine Housecroft and alan G sharpe published  by  Pearson Education Limited England in 2012 of professors of  science faculties  universities.
Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title:  Inorganic Chemistry, fourth edition

Scriptwriter:   by Catherine Housecroft and alan G sharpe

Year of printing: by  Pearson Education Limited England in 2012

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: 
29 chapters

Number of pages: 1257 pages

File Size: 61.7 MB

  1. Basic concepts: atoms
  2. Basic concepts: molecules
  3. Introduction to molecular symmetry
  4. Experimental techniques
  5. Bonding in polyatomic molecules
  6. Structures and energetics of metallic and ionic solids
  7. Acids, bases and ions in aqueous solution
  8. Reduction and oxidation
  9. Non-aqueous media
  10. Hydrogen
  11. Group 1: the alkali metals 
  12. The group 2 metals 
  13. The group 13 elements 
  14. The group 14 elements 
  15. The group 15 elements 
  16. The group 16 elements 
  17. The group 17 elements 
  18. The group 18 elements 
  19. d-Block metal chemistry: general considerations 
  20. d-Block metal chemistry: coordination complexes 
  21. d-Block metal chemistry: the first row metals 
  22. d-Block metal chemistry: the heavier metals 
  23. Organometallic compounds of s- and p-block elements 
  24. Organometallic compounds of d-block elements
  25. Catalysis and some industrial processes 
  26. d-Block metal complexes: reaction mechanisms 
  27. The f-block metals: lanthanoids and actinoids 
  28. Inorganic materials and nanotechnology 
  29. The trace metals of life

Free download Book Inorganic Chemistry, fourth edition Catherine Housecroft in pdf

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