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samedi 20 juillet 2019

DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY The Facts On File in pdf

The Facts On File DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY in pdf

This is the book of Dictionary of Chemistry The Facts On File in pdf   of professors of science faculties  universities. (Fourth Edition) is edited by John Daintith and published by   
Market House Books Ltd

Information about the Dictionary

Language of the book: English language

Book Title:The Facts On File Dictionary of Chemistry 

by John Daintith 

Year of printing: published by Market House Books Ltd in 2005

File Format:PDF

Number of chapters: Dictionary chapters

Number of pages: 321 

File Size: 16.6 MB


  • Preface 
  •  Acknowledgments 
  • Guide to Using the Dictionary 
  •  Pronunciation Key 
  •  Entries A to Z 
  •  Appendixes 
  1.  Carboxylic Acids 
  2.  Amino Acids 
  3.   Sugars 
  4.  Nitrogenous Bases  and Nucleosides 
  5. The Chemical Elements 
  6. The Periodic Table 
  7.  The Greek Alphabet  
  8.  Web Sites 
  9.  Bibliography
Download the DICTIONARY

Free download DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY The Facts On File in pdf

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