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dimanche 19 août 2018

book Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry PDF

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry

This is the book of  Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry pdf of professors Cambridge University
Lawrie Ryan and Roger Norris

Information about the book

Language of the book: English language

Book Title:  Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry

Lawrie Ryan and Roger Norris 

Year of printing: 2016

File Format: PDF

Number of chapters: 32 chapters

Number of pages: 606  pages

File Size: 41 MB

1. Moles and equations
2. Atomic structure
3. Electrons in atoms
4. Chemical bonding
5. States of matter
6. Enthalpy changes
7. Redox reactions
8. Redox reactions
9. Rates of reaction
10. Periodicity
11. Group 2
12. Group 17
13. Nitrogen and sulfur
14. Introduction to organic chemistry
15. Hydrocarbons
16. Halogenoalkanes
17. Alcohols, esters and carboxylic acids
18. Carbonyl compounds
P1. Practical skills 1
19. Lattice energy
19. Lattice energy
21. Further aspects of equilibria
22. Reaction kinetics
23. Entropy and Gibbs free energy
24. Transition elements
25. Benzene and its compounds
26. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
27. Organic nitrogen compounds
28. Polymerisation
29. Analytical chemistry
30. Organic synthesis

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